Cam Gigandet Workout

How to Get Ripped Like Cam Gigandet In Never Back Down

I’m going to reveal how to get ripped like Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down.  For those who don’t already know, Cam Gigandet is a 27 year old American actor who has landed major roles in a Fox TV series called The O.C., the very popular film Twilight and of course, his recent role as Ryan McCarthy inNever Back Down.
Okay, before I dive into Cam’s diet and workout routine, I have to admit something:  I’ve never seen a single episode of The O.C., I have no idea what Twilight is even about and I didn’t see Never Back Down.  However, I’ve seen his pics, heard the talk and done my research on this ripped Hollywood heartthrob…and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.  Cam Gigandet has sculpted a super lean, ripped and athletic body that is comparable to Tyler Durden’s body in Fight Club.

Being a huge MMA fan, I’m thinking about renting Never Back Down (a fight movie that appears to be a mix of UFC, MTV’s The Hills and maybe a lil bit of Fast and Furious sprinkled on top)…but then again, I can’t stand cheesy lines and the over-used plot of:  underdog kid kicks meathead’s ass and takes his hot girlfriend.  For those of you who’ve seen this flick… what do you think… is it worth my time?

Cam Gigandet’s Diet to Prepare For Never Back Down:

Cam used a high protein, lower carbohydrate diet to get extremely lean for this fighting role.  No big surprise there.  If you want to lose fat and get ripped, you’ll need to learn how to stop over-eating on carbs and start consuming more lean protein and healthy fat sources.

One of the single biggest factors in helping me take my body to the next level (single digit body fat percentage) was ditching the standard carbs, like bread, cereal, bagels, pasta, etc and replacing them with a variety of vegetables.  The cool thing about this tip is that it allows you to eat a large amount of food without adding on many calories.  This way I don’t feel like I’m forced to eat like a Hollywood anorexic chick…and I can still achieve fast fat loss en route to a shredded body.

You’ll want to check out my advanced fat loss nutrition tips and cheating on your diet posts to see exactly how I “eat and cheat” to get ripped like Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down.

 Cam Gigandet Workout For Never Back Down:

Cam uses a bodybuilder-styled split workout routine with relatively light weights and high reps.  In fact, all exercises are performed for 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions per exercise.  Here is Cam’s exact strength training routine, along with the weights he reportedly used for each exercise:

Monday – Chest

3 – 25 push-ups

3 – nautilus presses (45, 55, 65)

3 – nautilus incline presses (55, 65, 70)

3 – pec deck machine (40, 45, 50)

Tuesday – Back

3 – 5 pull-ups

3 – seated rows (75, 80, 85)

3 – lat pull downs (85, 90, 95)

3 – t-bar rows (50, 55, 60)

Wednesday – Shoulders

3 – arnold presses (35, 35, 35)

3 – dumbbell lateral raises (15, 15, 15)

3 dumbbell front raises (10, 10, 10)

Thursday – Biceps and Triceps

3 – nautilus curls (20, 25, 30)

3 – ez bar cable curls (30, 35, 40)

3 – dumbbell hammer curls (15, 20, 25)

3 – tricep press-downs (50, 55, 60)

Friday – Cardio Work

45 minute treadmill run at 65-75% of maximum heart rate

Saturday/Sunday – Rest

My thoughts on Cam Gigandet’s Workout Routine:

Words that first come to mind when I look at his workout plan:  basic, generic, boring, yawn, sigh, outdated and limited.  It looks like he pulled this split routine out of a 2001 edition of some poorly written, supplement-filled muscle magazine that is published by a bunch of testosterone-injecting gorillas (oops, I meant authors).

Does this extremely generic celebrity workout routine surprise me?  Not a bit.  Other than the highly-demanding movie 300 workout challenge I reviewed the other day… I have yet to find a celebrity workout program that is anywhere near ‘advanced fat loss-worthy.’

So why does it work so well for  Cam Gigandet Workout, you ask?  Because he was lean to start with, he trained for about a year to make Never Back Down, he followed a lean body diet and he was consistent and very dedicated.  On top of that, he completed months of MMA training to prepare for his role in this movie, which in itself would serve as some killer cardio training.
In an interview I read, Gigandet states:  “A basic workout with dialed-in nutrition will give phenomenal results.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  As long as you’re eating to get a lean, ripped body and combining this with a consistent caloric deficit created through intense strength training and cardio workouts…you’ll be on your way to building your own Cam Gigandet body, regardless of how bland your workout plan is.

But remember, if you still need to lose a decent amount of fat (more than 10-15 lbs) before you can achieve that ripped look, you can get faster results by following a more advanced fat loss workout.